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                                 Collection name Total Description
Algorithm Visualization 528 A gathering place for users and developers of algorithm visualizations and a gateway to AV-related services, collections, and resources.
CSTA: K-12 CS teaching and learning materials 250 http://csta.villanova.edu/ A Web Repository of K-12 Computer Science Teaching and Learning Materials.
Digital Library Curriculum 36 http://curric.dlib.vt.edu/ A unified digital library curriculum has been developed by collaboration between Dept. of CS at VT and School of Information and Library Science at UNC, Chapel Hill.
PlanetMath 386 http://planetmath.org/ PlanetMath computer science collections.
VKB 7 ensemble.tamu.edu/vkb-info Visual Knowledge Builder (VKB).
Model AI Assignments Model AI Assignments 17 The Model AI Assignments session of Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence (EAAI) seeks to gather and disseminate the best assignment designs of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Education community.
Learn Java in N Games 0 Collection of game-based activities for learning about Java programming.