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Software Design and Development

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                                 Collection name Total Description
Algorithm Visualization 528 A gathering place for users and developers of algorithm visualizations and a gateway to AV-related services, collections, and resources.
UC Berkeley Seal The Beauty and Joy of Computing 79 The Beauty and Joy of Computing is a new course offered by UC Berkeley that provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of computing.
stanford_nifty Stanford Nifty Collection 74 Collection of assignments and materials - handouts, starter code, projects - to help CS educators.
PAWS 25 http://adapt2.sis.pitt.edu/kt/content/Show PAWS Lab Computing Collection : A collection of interactive problems and examples for Java, C, and SQL programming languages The logo is attached.
Computer Vision 0 Collection of tutorials and materials of Computer Vision
Software Verification & Validation 0 Collection of case studies, class exercises and videos of Software verification & validation
Information Sciences & Technology   This collection contains the resources for Information management,information retrieval,search engines and many others related to information.