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                                 Collection name Total Description
iLumina 58 http://www.ilumina-dlib.org/ Educational resources for science & mathematics.
STEMRobotics 343 http://stemrobotics.cs.pdx.edu STEMRobotics is a repository of robotics educational materials. The resources in the repository are intended for K-12 teachers, afterschool program coaches, college/university faculty, students, parents, … in short, anyone interested in learning or teaching robotics. The repository is a resource for students and teachers of: Science, Tech Ed, Engineering, Math, Applied classes, Robotics, Computer Science, Engineering Graphics, FIRST teams in FLL, FTC, FRC, etc. The repository hosts complete curricula (with lessons, assessments, instructor guides, etc.) as well as individual resources (e.g., videos, lectures).
Security collections Security Collections 37 Security Collections is a repository of articles, video links and presentations  regarding security issues in various domains. 
Security Injections 30  Security Injections is a repository of lab exercises and provides a well tested strategy for introducing secure concepts in cs0-cs2. 
ACM Joint Task Force on Cybersecurity Education 1 This resource provides a link to CSEC2017 v.0.5 Report and for the public review and comments"