Tutorial for Creating a Technology Page & adding a new term in the TECH Categories

This is a quick tutorial for moderators, covering the basic functions you will need to edit. Please read this if you are busy and don't have time to figure everything out.







  1. Start at http://www.computingportal.org/tech and click on "Create TECH Technology Page" in the left sidebar
  2. Once on that page, the required fields are Technology Name, Body, Website Link, and TECH section. Below a picture of the the TECH section. The new technology will show up under the heading that you choose.
  3. As you can see in the powerpoint example below, all pages have a slideshow of images. Relevant images to include in this section are screenshots and product shots. You can add images by going down to Attached images and uploading the pictures you want. If you want to remove a picture from the slideshow, scroll to where you see it in the list of additional images and deselect if with Ctrl-click. If an image that you want to use is already uploaded to the site, you can select it from the list so you do not have to upload a duplicate picture. 
  4. Logos are added to the Logo section by their url. The quick way to add images is to go down to Attached images and upload the pictures that you want, copy their link and put it into Logo input, then deselect the image from the image list with Ctrl-click so that it does not appear in the slideshow. Please make sure to upload the logos to ensemble's site so that there are no broken links if the urls for logos change on the home site. 
  5. In the What is it section, it is recommended to copy the description from the About section of the technology. If copying directly, please indictate that that it is a quote and write the date of when you grabbed the information in the format YEAR-MONTH-DAY (for example, 2011-12-31).
  6. All of the rest of the inputs are optional but please fill out as many as possible. Only the ones you fill out will show on the final technology page.  


This is a quick tutorial for moderators, covering how to add new terms and can be used to edit or delete terms as will as well. Need administrator access to do the following:


  1. Start at http://www.computingportal.org and given that you have administrator access, hover your mouse on Content Management on the top left hand corner. Then scroll down to Taxonomy, and finally click on List.

Scroll down the List of Taxonomy and find the one labelled "TECH" for the name. Then go to the far right and click on "add terms."



Fill in the identification. If your term is a sub-child of another term, click on advance, and click on the parent term.

4. That is all to it! Hope it was helpful!

Thank you for reading! Good luck sharing technologies in the community~!