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CS Unplugged

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What Is It?

Computer Science Unplugged is a collection of activities designed to teach the fundamentals of computer science without requiring a computer. Because they're independent of any particular hardware or software, Unplugged activities can be used anywhere, and the ideas they contain will never go out of date. Unplugged activities have been trialled and refined over 15 years in classrooms and out-of-school programmes around the world.


  • The Unplugged project is based at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand, with contributions from all over the world. (CS Unplugged Website, 2009-10-13)
  • Carnegie Mellon University, home of CS4HS, has provided hosting and technical support for Unplugged. (CS Unplugged Website, 2009-10-13)

Supported Platforms

  • Web-based


  • Teacher's edition


  • Online Materials: None
  • Printed Version: available from Lulu.com for $28.03