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AP Practice Exams

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What Is It?

"Taking advantage of Georgia Tech’s world-class computer expertise and instructional capabilities and the educational leadership of the Georgia Department of Education (DOE), the State is partnering with the Georgia Tech College of Computing in an aggressive approach to strengthen the technology skills of current and future Advanced Placement (AP) computer science teachers, across the state."

—ice @Georgia Tech's Website 2011/10/31 




  • ice @Georgia Tech institute for Computing Education

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  • No need to have an account
  • No time limit
Pros Cons
  • Free online practice for CS AP Test
  • Explains each answer after answering each question
  • Allows the user to answer as many questions as he or she likes
  • Gives a percentage score of the number of questions the user got correct at the end
  • Easy to use
  • Pictures from the Practice test are not displayed on some web browsers like Safari
  • When the user does not input any number of questions, the system gives a lengthy error with several http addresses