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Apple Xcode

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What Is It?

Xcode is a Mac IDE that supports C/C++, Objective-C/C++, and AppleScript. Some advanced features include the ability to build software using multiple networked computers, and to produce executables that run on both older PowerPC-based and newer Intel-based Macs.

At the heart of the Xcode tools package is the Xcode IDE, a graphical workbench that tightly integrates a professional text editor, a robust build system, a debugger, and the powerful GCC compiler capable of targeting Intel and PowerPC regardless of host platform. Xcode is both easy to use, and yet powerful enough to build the largest Mac OS X applications. The complete Mac OS X developer tools chain is distributed as part of Xcode; these tools include Interface Builder, Instruments, Dashcode, the WebObjects framework, and the complete reference documentation, to name just a few.

-- XCode Website, 2002-02-04



  • Apple Inc.

Open Source


Supported Platforms

  • Mac OS X


  • Intel processor-based Mac running Leopard


  • None