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Introduction - Han Reichgelt

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Hi, I am interested in joining the various meetings. If available, I would like to attend the first meeting of the group. The experience I bring to this project primarily comes from my time as Professor of Information Technology at Georgia Southern University. One of the more innovative aspects of Georgia Southern's BS IT program was the so-called second disciplines. Second disciplines were included at the insistence of the Industry Advisory Board who said they were particularly interested in graduates who combined a strong technical background with sufficient knowledge of an application domain to be able to support IT applications in that domain. Departments interested in offering second disciplines were asked to provide a rationale, describing why an IT student would benefit from taking the second discipline they offered, as well as a list of 6-7 courses. Examples of second disciplines included Supply Chain Management, Electronic Broadcasting, Criminal Justice and Political Analysis. Further details about the design of Georgia Southern's bachelor's in IT are available at http://www.jite.org/documents/Vol1/v1n4p213-221.pdf. I believe that my experience with our efforts to integrate second disciplines into a standard IT curriculum may prove useful to the objectives of this program. Han Reichgelt